Q: Why are you adopting?

A: First and foremost, we have been adopted by our Heavenly Father. Jesus took our sin upon Himself and made a way for us to be redeemed and justified in Him. This act qualified us as His children – we have been adopted into His family. As our sweet friend Nicole says, “God cared for us, orphans, by giving us Himself. We care for the orphan best by giving them the Gospel.” What could be a more vivid picture of the Gospel for a child than parents who choose to love them and call them “son” or “daughter” regardless of their past and not conditioned on their future behavior. If we can show one child a glimpse of the ceaseless love of Christ, then all the paperwork, waiting, money, and heartbreak that go along with adoption will be 100% worth it.

Q: Where are you at in the adoption process?

We are currently “active,” meaning we could get a baby any day!!

Q: Do you want biological kids?

A: Yes, some day! We have never tried to get pregnant, so who knows if we will be medically able to give birth. If it turns out that bio kids are not in God’s plan for us, then we’ll adopt all our babes.

Q: What adoption agency are you using?

A: Gladney Center for Adoption, headquartered right here in Fort Worth, TX!

Q: What can I do to support you?

A: Pray, pray, pray for us and this journey! Visit the Donate page to learn how to support us financially.

Q: Is my donation to your GoFundMe tax deductible?

A: Unfortunately no. That sucks, but it makes us even more appreciative for any gift you give!

Q: Why is adoption so expensive?

A: We had the same question! Through this process, we have learned that A LOT more goes into adoption than we originally thought, and all those things cost money. For example, our adoption fees cover: income for the person conducting our home study and those who review and process our application, training for Ryan and I (thank goodness!!), criminal background checks of Ryan and I, counseling (both pre- and post-birth) for the birth parents, prenatal care for the birth mom, our child’s hospital/medical expenses at birth, legal representation for both us and the birth parents, court costs (pre and finalization of adoption), living expenses of the birth parents during pregnancy, post placement visits and reports with Ryan and I, and even more!

Q: Who took your adoption pictures?

A: Allay Photography! Micaela is the most amazing photographer, friend, person, mother, etc. in the world! Check out her website or Facebook page!


Adoption is one of our very favorite things to talk about, so if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message!