T-Shirts / Donate

We’d love for you to financially partner with us on this journey! There are multiple ways you can do that.

  1. Buy a t-shirt! They come in black, maroon, and mint. $10 of every purchase goes toward our adoption. Click here to order.


About the design: The adoption symbol is a triangle and heart interwoven. Each point in the triangle represents part of the adoption triad: the adoptee, the parents-by-adoption, and the birth parents. We chose this simple design for our shirts because 1) we love the way the symbol includes and honors birth parents, and 2)  we hope that the symbol, unknown to most people, will spark conversations about adoption when friends or strangers ask about your shirt.

2. We’ve set up a GoFundMe so that you can experience the joy of helping an orphan find a home. Click below to donate:


3. If you’d like to buy a physical item or hear about other ways you can support us, click the “Contact” link above (or simply click here) and send us a message! We are so, so thankful for you!!