about the edwardses


This site was created for you to more intimately walk with us through the adoption process, as well as learn how YOU can seek justice for orphans, too. It was created in hopes that we can advance an open discourse around adoption and foster care – both the beautiful moments and those that are painfully broken.

I hope our story helps you realize that we’re not “special.” We’re not particularly equipped or knowledgeable (read my blog for a glimpse into how UNPREPARED I feel). We’re just two kids realizing that we are about to (God-willing) raise another kid. Here’s our story!!


We met while going to college at Texas A&M University (WHOOP!). Look how little we were!! Before I met Ryan, I knew I wanted to marry someone who wanted to adopt – and not just because I wanted to adopt, but because HE wanted to. On one of our first dates (during that awkward time when you’re going on dates but not boyfriend/girlfriend), Ryan mentioned how he knew a family at a summer camp he had worked at who adopted/fostered a bunch of kids, and he felt the Lord calling him to do that one day. I didn’t even have to bring it up.


Two years ago, we got married. Since then, we’ve been through new jobs, two moves,  buying a house, the death of family members, two puppies, depression, graduate school, partnering with a church, and more laughter than I could have possibly imagined.


SPOTLIGHT^^: This is Ryan with our first puppy, Emmitt. Aren’t they both sooo cuuuuute?! Ryan is a mechanical engineer at Freese and Nichols, Inc. He’s passionate about woodworking, energy efficiency, football, and our pups. He is going to be the very best dad there ever was.

As for me, I work for the University of California, Berkeley doing research on early childhood education. I’m a politics/policy nerd and will spend the rest of my life fighting for equal educational opportunities for children of every background, race, and socioeconomic status.

Our current family of four:


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